SEX…Your Gorgeous

Not that I have any idea of your physical appearence and whether I would fall into your arms completely willingly like a crazy Hitchcock victim but It has come further to my intention that there is truely MORE to a man then his looks or his goods, if you catch my drift you naughty people.

Alright, I’ll level with you…I’m Lying. BUT you must understand a man must appeal to my eyes and It’s not like I judge a book by its cover (despite the fact Great Expectations was not what I hoped it would be) It’s just as a young girl, I crave the perfectly carved structure, Not the ones God screwed up and chucked in the charity skips.

But, Come on gals, Isn’t there something very sexy about an ‘older’ guy? For instance Mr Robert Downey Jnr, Totally gorgeous in everyway. We all crave a true gent, Not OTT Mr Darcy, ‘Oh darling your coset whale bone is poking my navel’ but a guy who generally swoops you too the bedroom rather then spikes your drink and licks your…stamp collection (keeping this nice and clean)

Being called ‘FIT’ is all very well, and I do keep in shape, and babe is lovely, If your a sheep-pig

So I wanna know what happened to the gentleman? Gone the way of the Dodo? or even Dido? (does anyone no where that singer is now?)

The gentleman is a dying species, And in all fairness..So is the Lady

Sweet Dreams & Pleasant Thoughts

PeroxideKiss Xx


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